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Building Trust

In this article, we’re going to discuss on something that takes years to build and a moment to ruin. First of all, we’re talking about reputation. What does it mean? Let me tell you a secret. It is a deal. As a startup, you need to be aware of the fact that when you are building a reputation, that is not only our reality, but customer’s reality. You also have to realize that everything will be in vain if you do not build trust first.

How do you build trust? / What is trust? The answers might seem obvious at the first sight, yet most startups have problems on answering these questions. There are many elements that offer notoriety and exposure to your company. We can all agree upon the fact that a good marketing strategy will give your company the opportunity to meet the public’s eyes, but TRUST is the element that will give your business the ability to stick in customers minds. If you truly take time to build this correctly your startup is going to get many return customers. In fact, this happens when you have a good reputation; people tend to buy broadly your services. For example, you can see it a lot in online. If you see a “recommendation”, you will tend to take up on it because the online environment has built that relationship. As Jeff Bezos says: “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful”.

Another thing that we want to highlight is that you should deal with the fact that customers do not buy from people they like, but from people they trust. The first step in building a lasting relationship with your customers is to understand your product, be confident about what you are offering. Moreover, understanding your customer’s needs it’s like flowers for a bouquet. Your client has to learn about your product and you have to learn about his needs. This deal leads to a connection between you and client. In fact, you should always keep in touch with customers and collaborate in order to earn their trust. We refer to this process as a sequence event, if you do not grasp your product, your client will not respond to your offer and if the client does not respond, you will not comprehend his needs. You should be very meticulous in this process otherwise everything is compromised.

Moving away from the bright side, we hear so much about companies that are successfully ruined because of their muddy reputation. Firms that have poor contact with their clients thanks to their way of doing things. We strongly advise you to consider our model because the most important thing in 2018 for a startup is to have a clear record as far as reputation is concerned.

In other words, you should first make a friend and afterwards a potential client. Follow our model, we, webamboos established our name in Timisoara through satisfied clients, completed projects and friends made. webamboos_logo