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Why Outsourcing Is A Good Opportunity for Your Business

“The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it” -Alphonso Jackson-

The roots of the outsourcing process go back further than you might think. Ever since the concept of employees and employer surfaced, some tasks have been realized off site. The Industrial Revolution is considered a major factor that helped the evolution of outsourcing. Companies developed ways to use the competitive advantage in their own interest. The interest of this article is not to talk about the history of outsourcing, but if you want to learn more check A Brief History of Outsourcing.

What does outsourcing really mean?
Outsourcing is the process of delegating a task or responsibility to an independent provider. Companies have been outsourcing their processes for years, with the help of the internet that introduced the world in the globalization era, now more than ever this concept has grown dramatically. With no room for discussion we can agree that this concept is more present in the IT domain than anywhere else.
Nowadays you cannot run a business without having a felt online presence. In case your company does not have the ability to exploit this field you can always find someone to do it for you. As I mentioned earlier the internet opened the door for global outsourcing, bringing together the local and the offshore part of it.
Just take a moment to imagine how many opportunities and clients you are missing because you lack fast contact and communication. But, where can we find outsourcing? The good news is that you are at a distance of a click in connecting with software companies and get a head start with your web based application or custom software.

Why to outsource in Eastern Europe?
There are many reasons to choose this part of Europe for outsourcing IT area of business. For example, if you are running a company, no matter it is a small firm or a big company and you need to outsource, you should take into consideration Eastern countries. According to IT outsourcing to Eastern Europe there are 5 main reasons to go with Eastern Europe services.

1. Highly skilled labor. Legacy from the former Soviet Union which had a significant emphasis on engineering and sciences back in the day; many of the resources from the countries of this region obtained deep knowledge in computer science and the labor cost is much lower than it is in the EU and the US.
2. Cultural similarities. Eastern Europeans have more in common with Westerners in terms of business culture and simple human qualities such as sense of humor and cuisines, and creative minds of Eastern European developers are almost legendary.
3. Time zones. Little or no time difference at all creates perfect conditions for real time meetings, allowing customers to fully monitor their development teams; personal meetings are just as real because Eastern Europe is an actual nearshoring for Western part of Europe.
4. Ever growing labor market. With constant resource shortages in the EU and the US, growth in IT field of Eastern Europe keeps on increasing leaving the latter far behind.
5. IT outsourcing is blooming nowadays and Eastern Europe is consistently developing to the most promising outsourcing destinations.


To be more specific, Romania is covering a lot of land in this specific area, shaking the market grounds with quality results and satisfied clients. As you may be aware by now outsourcing is beneficial for you in terms of gaining access to IT resources unavailable internally and reduced costs. Timisoara saw the progress in this domain and became a pull pole in the area, thanks to its University Center and the legislations that favor the IT businesses.
As Timisoara gained more and more notoriety worldwide, we elevated our standards in terms of quality in order to live up to the city’s reputation. Our view in focused on long lasting results and quality product.

How can outsourcing open new horizons for your company?
First of all, the main advantage is that this process reduces operating and recruitment costs. You do not have to hire individuals in-house, so the cost will be minimized to a great extent. Another plus can be that your company will be focused on core, business and functions instead of wasting time with supporting processes and marketing. You also should keep up the fact that this factor will accelerate your projects and company transformation.


While using outsource process, transparency and professionalism are the key to achieve success!